The Cube

A friend of mine posted this word game in alt.gothic . I can't really get into the specifics until you do it yourself. So, do you want to play? It's very easy. What ever you do - don't scroll down to the bottom of the page until you do it. If you do, you ruin the whole thing. Ready?

Imagine a desert.
In this desert there is a cube.
How big is the cube?
What color?
What is it made of (if you can tell)?

Now, in this desert, there is also a ladder.
What's the ladder made of?
Where is it (in relation to the cube)?

In the desert there is also a horse.
What kind of horse is it?
What color?
Where is it?
What is it doing?

Somewhere in the desert is a storm.
What kind of storm is this?
Where do you see it?

And finally, in this desert there are flowers.
Where are the flowers?
Are there many or few?
What color, what kind?




  • The CUBE is you - your symbolic self-portrait.
  • The LADDER represents your friends and your co-workers.
  • The HORSE is your lover/life partner.
  • The STORM is trouble/upset/challenge-life's power to stir things up.
  • The FLOWERS are children, of your body and/or mind - "your baby," whatever you create and nurture.
  • The DESERT is your life, and your view of the world.
Pretty cool, huh? This is a neat thing to do with a bunch of people. There are books out there that help you interpret what exactly it all means. I have two of them, Keep the Secret (ISBN 0-06-251266-8) and Secrets of the Cube (ISBN 0-7868-8257-3).

This is what I visualized. My desert looked like something out of Star Wars. There were a lot of dunes (which is highly suggestive of sensuality).  My cube was red (hot tempered, passionate) and about 10 feet high (confidence, egotism, domination etc). It looks like it is made out of stone (loyal, devoted, obsessive etc) and is very shiny (ambitious). It sits up on a hill.

My ladder is your typical wooden ladder (sentiment) and it leans up against the cube (likes to be close and involved with others etc). My horse was a brown (normality, warmth) mustang (streetwise). It didn't have a saddle or anything on it (erotic). It was running towards the cube.

My storm was off in the distance (have a realistic awareness that trouble is omnipresent possibility, as well as an ultimate inevitability). There wasn't any rain - it was just a lot of purpley-type clouds (clouds=depression, apprehension). My flowers are purple and are at the base of the cube (take a protective attitude toward my creations).

Well, that's about it. The remarks in parenthesis are very brief. The books go into a *lot* more detail. It's really fun to go through it. I "cubed" a couple of people during lunch one day - it was quite interesting to hear what their picture looked like. What's even *more* fun is to "cube" a couple. It's funny to hear each of them describe their horse. Very insightful. ;)

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