The Catholic School Girls

Okay, I debated a bit about putting the "Twin Day" pictures up - and in the end I decided to do it. A little background is needed, though. Where I work Fridays are "fun day." We do fun (duh) things to boost morale etc. Well one particular Friday was designated "Twin Day." You pick someone and dress like them. Me and two other friends - Cyndi and Little Miss decided to dress like each other (we decided to be different and be triplets). Little Miss occasionally wears this outfit that I love to call the "Catholic School Girl" outfit. Looking at the pictures will give you an idea why.

Anyway ... the big deal about this day was everyone seeing me dressed like this. The little goth girl not wearing black and looking preppy. It went over well and afterwards we went to a bar dressed like that. Let's just say we were *real* popular that night. I was nice enough to include a couple pictures from the bar as well. Your welcome. Now go look at them and be prepared to laugh your asses off. One more thing - I was having a really bad hair day.

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